Framed painting of a dog portrait. Dog is looking at the viewer with black and white short hair and tall, pointy ears.
Framed painting of a cat on a white background. The cat is looking at the viewer and is mostly black with a white chest and bright green eyes.
Framed painting of two dogs. One dog is white with long hair and the other is brown with one blue eye and one brown eye.
Framed painting of dog portrait. Dog is black and white with long fluffy hair.
Framed painting of two dogs. Both dogs are white, brown and fluffy.
Framed painting of a cat portrait. The cat is a tabby with bright green eyes.
Framed painting of two black dogs. One dog is a pug and the other is a staffy. Both have brown eyes.
Framed painting of a black labrador dog. The dog has brown eyes and a silky coat.
Framed painting of two cats. Both cats have short multi-coloured hair with bright green eyes.
Framed painting of a grey fluffy cat with bright green eyes. The cat is wearing a pink collar with a bell.
Framed painting of two grey cats. The cats both have bright green eyes and one wears a pink collar.
Custom Pet Portrait
Custom Pet Portrait
Custom Pet Portrait
Custom Pet Portrait

Custom Pet Portrait

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Celebrate the bond with your furry friend or surprise a loved one with a custom-painted pet portrait by the talented Australian artist, Emma Crupi.

Emma has a passion for capturing the unique personalities and characters of pets, and her portraits are renowned for their lifelike quality. With a keen eye for detail and a deep love for all creatures, Emma will create a one-of-a-kind piece that honours your pet's special place in your life.

Choose from a range of sizes and styles to suit your taste, and let Emma bring your pet's portrait to life. Commission a custom-painted pet portrait by Emma Crupi for a special gift or as a lasting keepsake for yourself, and bring joy to your home for years to come.

How does it work?

Following your purchase, you will be contacted to arrange for images of the pet to be provided to me and to discuss any further painting needs, including a due date if required.

Please allow at least four weeks for the painting to be completed before shipping. If you need your painting completed by a specific date, please contact me here before purchasing to see if I can accommodate your needs.

If you have any other queries, please feel free to contact me before purchasing.

  • 15x20cm, A4 (21cmW x 29.7cmH) and A3 (29.7cmW x 42cmH)
  • Painted on 300GSM high quality textured matte paper
  • Painted with acrylic paint
  • Hand-signed by artist
  • Free standard shipping within Australia
  • Frame not included
  • Some variations after purchase may result in price modifications.


Emma is an incredibly talented artist and her pet portraits have exceeded my expectations every time. I have ordered 3 separate pet portraits from Emma as gifts. These portraits brought so much happiness (and some happy tears) to the family and friends I gifted them to, and they couldn’t believe how closely the details matched their pets. Emma was exceptional each time, explaining the whole process and what type of photos to send through. In each painting, she captured the essence of the pet, right down to the individual pet's unique details. I highly recommend! - Brooke H