About the Artist

Emma Crupi is a twenty-something-year-old artist who grew up in the leafy green neighbourhood of Eltham, a short drive north of Melbourne. Emma developed her creativity early on by consistently practising at a young age.
Starting early in her journey, Emma always strived to be a commercial, full-time artist. After graduating with a Bachelor in Fashion Business at RMIT, Emma passionately worked as a Product Developer from 2017 to 2019. Emma left her full-time office job in mid-2019 to pursue her goal of being a professional artist.
Emma now resides in Warragul, Gippsland, and returns to Melbourne on a regular basis for professional and personal reasons.
Emma creates artworks in various mediums for a diverse range of clients. From large, colourfully painted portraits to custom, highly detailed pen drawings, Emma's versatile style has complimented many homes and satisfied customers. As an animal lover, pet portraits have always been a fixture of her weekly work, and her clients love her unique but realistic style. 
woman with long dark hair staring through a window, looking directly at the camera.

Photo by Melisa Savickas